Saving Abel at the Ashland Armory

Wow, that was fun! Saving Abel rocked the Ashland Armory to an enthusiastic crowd, and even stuck around for a while to mingle with the locals.

Our opening act was a group of super-talented guys led by frontman Brian Risling. Together with his band, The Airtight Alibi, Brian used his powers of Sax-ual persuasion to get the people moving! If you feel the need to get down with your bad self to some truly rolling rock, Brian Risling and the Airtight Alibi is your best bet!

Kirra kicked a hole in the speaker with some of the most heartfelt metals I have heard in a long time. Their brand of energetic moodiness evoked a sort of Stylized Grunge, with some of the sweetest hooks you could ask for. As hard as you can get without screaming, Kirra was a badass band that I can't wait to see again.

One of the best parts about the Saving Abel performance was when the lead singer took a moment to recognize the troops. He said, "Every day I have this microphone in my hand, it's my mission." Or something equally inspiring. I can't remember. What I do remember is rocking hard, singing loud, and feeling great.

Until next time, guys!

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