MayDay Rock Fest

Hello State of Jefferson!

We are celebrating the start of summer the only way we know how- by rocking the flip out!

Now, our K&K Science Team tells me that May Day is actually the first day of May, but WHO CARES!? The MAYDAY POLICE? Is my MAYDAY MOM coming over to spank my bottom and tell me to turn my rock and roll down? Has the MAYDAY PRESIDENT signed a MAYDAY GENEVA ACCORD? Did the MAYDAY POPE just... you get it.

Our MAYDAY ROCK FEST is the day before Memorial Day. The Science Team tells me that means our show is going to be on Saturday.

Saturday the 28th of May.

In May.

Birds chirping. Butterflies floating around.


Visit Devour the Day on Youtube

Who's gonna be there? Ha.

Come and see through our FILTER as we DEVOUR THE DAY and practice THE ART OF DYING.

See what I did there?

Visit Art of Dying on Youtube

I would say be there or be square, but squares is people to, so mahalo, I guess.

Click here to check out some videos from this year's upcoming bands!

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