Table Rocks Update!

What's up, State of Jefferson!

Alright guys, if you're on our Facebook, you already know most of this! Friend our Face For Unrestrained Concert Knowledge.

As of today, we have run out of FUEL and are TRAPT by cannibal hillbillies!

No. That was bad.

We have enough FUEL to escape our TRAPT? We are TRAPT in a FUEL dispensing canister? Sorry, I can't clever sentence right now.

Anyhow, FUEL and TRAPT. Wanna see some videos?

If I could tell you the other bands, I would have to eliminate you. And I couldn't do it. You and I have been through a lot. I'll have my henchmen do it.

Okay the henchmen are on vacation, but it doesn't matter. They wouldn't tell you the bands, either, because 1. They don't know them, they're on vacation, and 2. They have done a lot of steroids and have really high voices, so you know, a henchman with a squeaky voice... bad for business. They seldom if ever speak aloud. But they do text a lot, so I guess just watch Facebook.

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