2016 Post Season Wrapup

Four shows, and over twenty bands. If you like rock and roll and you live on the west coast, you need to learn this symbol:

This symbol is code for AWESOME.

When you see the K&K logo, you're going to know that this is more than a concert. It's an event, and it usually lasts all day. It's going to have bands you've heard all over the radio and can sing along to. Parents love our TableRocks! Festivals, when kids 12 & under get in free.

Did I mention that you can't beat the price?

K&K Promotions helped kick off a nationwide tour this year with our Back to the 90's Festival. Our fans only paid $30 for a show that charged up to $100 or more in other cities!

I know! WTF would we have such low ticket prices!? It's because we're dedicated to providing AFFORDABLE ENTERTAINMENT for low-income families so they can ROCK, too.


We're getting ready for our next Festival. When is it coming? Who's playing? What kind of festival is it!? There is so much mystery in the world.

Be good to eachother, and look for the sign.

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