August 27, 2016

Well, ladies and bearded ladies, it is finally time. 

The moment we have waited all year for is finally upon us. We are proud as punch to present to you the FOURTH ANNUAL TABLE ROCKS MUSIC FESTIVAL!

As per our promise to bring nothing but the freshest and the illest, we...

May 14, 2016

Hello, State of Jefferson! 


We know you're ready. You got your tickets, your sunscreen, and an insatiable appetite for ROCK AND ROLL! In just two short weeks, K&K Promotions unleashes it's newest Festival Extravaganza! The Mayday Rockfest is more than just a simple con...

April 26, 2016

State of Jefferson, I can't lie. We're pretty sad that the last of our Rock & Royalty has joined the legions of zombies waiting to be released upon us.  Isn't there anybody left?


We'll miss you, mang. You were one rude dude with a 'tude.   

I don't know a...

April 13, 2016

So we all stayed up late making beaded necklaces for the parade. We made over a thousand of them, and figured we were going to have plenty of left overs! After piling all the kids in the trai- I mean, float, we quickly discovered we needed a whole lot more of everythin...

March 16, 2016





What's up, State of Jefferson!


Alright guys, if you're on our Facebook, you already know most of this! Friend our Face For Unrestrained Concert Knowledge.


As of today, we have run out of FUEL and are TRAPT by cannibal hillbillies! 


No. That was bad. 


We have enough...

March 16, 2016